The lottery in Vietnam


Even if you have only been in Vietnam for a short time, you have no doubt seen or been approached to buy lottery tickets (ve so). Unlike back home, anyone can sell lottery tickets, and the sellers come to you or they can be found with a table and chair on the side of the road during peak hour.

The lottery is the only form of gambling that is legal in Vietnam for locals, for this reason and the fact that Vietnamese have strong beliefs in luck controlling their lives, the lottery is extremely popular. Tickets are cheap, 5,000 or 10,000 dong, and the main prize is small when compared to the tens of millions that can be won back home, here the big prize is about 150,000,000 dong (7,500USD).

Even if you have little understanding of how the Vietnamese lottery system works, you can buy tickets and test your luck. When buying tickets check that the date is valid, sellers tricking foreigners into buying old tickets isn’t unheard of.

There are three ways you can check to see if you have won, ask a trusted friend they can then let you know how to claim your winnings. Check with the ticket seller, ticket sellers keep the winning numbers from previous draws so customers can check. Text to a number printed on the back of your ticket the results of that draw will be sent in a text message back to you.

Small winnings can often be claimed directly from ticket sellers, who will then try to sell you more tickets to capitalise on your winnings. Larger prizes need to be claimed from the lottery office, ticket sellers can give you the address of your nearest office.


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