Sophia’s Mini Mart Danang – Now Open

Mini Mart Danang

Sophia’s Mini Mart Danang has now opened at 33 An Thuong 5 Street, Danang. Miss Huong is the owner of the business and looks forward to meeting and providing a good service to all her customers.

If there is an item that you would like to purchase and it is not stocked Miss Huong will try to source the product for you. The freezers are full of Austrailian and US beef steaks, lamb chops, shanks and boneless legs of lamb also from Austrailia. There are also 7 types of sausage ranging from Lincolnshire pork sausage (most popular) to Thai spiced flavoured, chilli & garlic, apple & cinnamon as well as beef, lamb & mint and Olde English pork sausage and arriving very shortly South African Boerewors. Gammon steaks, dry cured smoked & un-smoked back bacon & black pudding are also offered.

The Four N Twenty Aussie beef pies, beef & lamb patties and even fish fingers are available from the freezer. Quality frozen vegetables from Europe are also in stock. The fridge is also stocked with ham, pastrami & salami that can be sliced to your preferred thickness. There is also imported cheese , cream, butter and yogurt.

On the shelves there is a good choice of breakfast cereals, biscuits, salad dressings, sauces, pickles including Branston Pickle and Haywards Piccallili, jams as well as many imported tin foods.

Miss Huong is also planning to stock some goods from the Saigon Taco Company shortly. The business is open seven days a week 9am until 7pm.

Sophia’s Mini Mart Danang

33 An Thuong 5 Street
Danang, Vietnam
9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Mini Mart Danang

Mini Mart Danang


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