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Rent An Apartment In Danang
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Rent An Apartment In Danang

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Apartment for Rent DanangBy far the most common question I get asked is “Do you know of any houses or apartments for rent?” I try as much as possible to answer question on this site but updating and maintaining an accurate list of rentals is not so easy.

There are several apartment buildings near my area, close to T20 beach. Most people don’t know that area so well so I will provide a Google Map below. On An Thuong 2 street there are 3 buildings which have apartments specifically designed for foreigners, they are priced from $200USD and up.

On An Thoung 1 and a half!!! there is one building with 4 great apartments facing the sea, the beach apartments have been featured on this site before. I am convinced that anyone who looks at them will rent on the spot, they are perfect!


[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&msa=0&ll=16.055052,108.248463&spn=0.078029,0.154324&t=h&z=13&msid=104160631202624696213.00048e8796b595b5e4b57 width=525 height=300 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=yes]

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  1. Canadian and 3 yr old daughter looking for small house / apartment near beach or area with trees/children. Renting for 1 or 2 years about $300/month. Contact English 01692133300. Vietnamese 01222481838

  2. I am looking for a house in Danang along Hai Chau district. Call me on my mobile 0169 874 1342.

    email me9asia@gmail.com

    This is an urgent requirement.

  3. InDanang

    Hi Victoria.

    I appreciate the update. Prices change and sometimes I get my information wrong, thanks for correcting me.

    I hope you are enjoying Danang.

  4. Sorry. I’m living in the building in An thuong 2 treet and the cheapest price is $300usd and that apartment is rented now. Maybe you don’t update the information in time yet.

    Best regards

  5. I have some property in Vietnam for rent, few houses in the city, please email for the phone # to contact!

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