Megastar Cinema Danang (Now CGV)

Megastar Cinema In Danang

UPDATE: Megastar Cinema is now called CGV Cinema. The location and facilities remain unchanged.

Megastar Cinema located in the Big C complex is the only place in Danang where foreign films are available without any Vietnamese dubbing. It is just like any cinema you would expect to find back home with the exception of the teenagers taking photos of themselves in the lobby area.

What is different from cinema’s ‘back home’ is the price, tickets range from 35,000 VND to 50,000 VND, “VIP tickets” are available for an extra 10,000 VND. Popcorn or other snacks are just as cheap, popcorn and 2 cokes are 55,000 VND, popcorn is available in sweet or salty flavours.

Most big budget blockbusters get shown here, most releases come out on or around the same release dates in the US. Some Vietnamese movies are also shown here, not all of them have English subtitles so ask before you buy your ticket.

All English language films have English audio with Vietnamese subtitles, Chinese or Korean movies have Vietnamese subtitles and Chinese or Korean audio.

For session times and other info check out the megastar website:
Megastar Cinema Danang

Megastar Cinema Danang
Big C Supercenter – Vinh Trung Plaza
255-257 Hung Vuong Street


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