Danang Movie Night

Danang Movie Night

Danang Movie Night is an attempt by a few expats in Danang to get a semi-organized regular social event for Danang’s expat community. This is not the first time a movie night has been thought of or planned in Danang, but this Movie Night seems to have more chance of success than previous attempts. As I mentioned a few days ago, The Big Lebowski will be the first feature to kick off this social event, 8pm at LU Cafe, 79 Hoang Van Thu Street, Danang.

For an event like this or for anything to bring the expat community together, support is a must, so get along to this event or post a request for other expat targeted social activities. Part of the aim of this website is to be a place where you can give feedback and have a say about what goes on in Danang. If enough people request something, I am sure somebody will come along and cater to those people. So stop sitting around complaining that there is nothing to do in Danang and voice your opinion.

As for other social events currently in operation, I am aware that a small group of foreigners gather on Sunday evening for a football match, there is a surfing community and of course there are a few people who like to have a social drink. If you have a social activity or event that you wouldn’t mind a few other people knowing about post a comment below or submit an article with the event details.

Danang Movie Night
From 8.00pm
LU Cafe
79 Hoang Van Thu Street

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