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  • Hi,

    I am Vietnamese and looking for a French teacher who are specialized in teaching private French tutor. He/she can speak Vietnamese or English are preferred. If any of you know someone, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

  • To Max

    Hi Max,
    I have a second hand road bike for sale for USD$ 400 if you’re interested?

    Aluminium ‘fort’ frame, it’s a 52″ frame with extended seat pillar

  • Hi – I’m leaving Da Nang and have lots of household items for sale (bed / kitchenware / electronic items etc) – can you suggest where I can best advertise them please?

    Many thanks

  • I would like to rent some musical instruments ie guitar and amplifier for a party in a village south of Da_Dang .. Is there a store that can rent good quality equipment?

  • Hi,

    I am currently living in da nang and i am looking for a bicycle. I have been in a few shops near big C but so far everything is abit small!!! do you know of anywhere that might sell me a bigger bike. Thanks Max

  • Hi, I am from Australia and my wife and I are coming to Hoian in March for a holiday. We want to play several games of golf and were wondering if the Danang swingers golf might be a good group to join. Can you tell me the details for joining the fees and what discounts they get at the courses. Also we will be staying at the Little Hoian Boutique Hotel so as to be close to the markets and attractions so can you give an opinion of this hotel. Thanks Ross.

  • Hi ,

    I plan to teach Vietnamese to foreigners if anyone of you is interested in. What do you think about this ? Any ideas or suggestions ? Thank you everyone.

  • Dear
    I have just come Danang for 2 weeks and living here for 2 years…Please give me some pleace(i need to going out at week end)
    I dont know too much about Danang

  • hello, can anyone please tell me is there a commercial kitchen outlet in da nang. We are going back and my wife will need a fast cooking gas stove to cater for the 100 plus people at the grave party.The ones we bought last are fine for a family but not for what we need thanks

  • I see many fishing boats at My khe etc .. Is there posible for me (tourist)to go by a local fisherman on a fishing tour at the danang sea? ….. Dong for a day? Give me a name and a adress or a name and tele number so we can be in contact!! Cheers Mike

  • hello Does anyone know how to contact the management of The Big C Supermarket.I wrote a letter sometime ago with no reply.Do they have an email address I cannot find it on the web.


    Yxine film fest will be holding their first meeting in central Vietnam this Sunday 29th May at 2pm. The event will take place on the 5th floor of Vinh Trung Plaza (where Big C lives), 255-257 Huong Vuong street.

    This is an opportunity for film lovers and film makers to meet and share their passion. It will be presented in English and Vietnamese. Three short films, made in Vietnam, will be shown and there will be an aftershow party. Please come along if you love film.

  • Dear Ed,
    I think you should book a hotel or a rest house for 5 weeks. Just you are familiar in Danang, so it’s not difficult for you to rent an apartment.

  • I’m looking for an apartment or house for me only for the second week in Jan 2012 for 5 weeks. you can contact me at , I live now in Calgary Canada and have been to Danang twice in the past 19 months,I really like it there and in the new year of 2013 I want to stay 6 months. My name is Ed.
    Thank you

  • We are looking for a modern house/apartment to rent in Danang/Hoi An area for July/August 2011 min 2 beds prefer near River or Sea.

  • Gandida is now doing aparetivo: one glass of wine plus the holy trinity of humus, babaganouj and marinated olives. Every night all night. Come and snack at Gandida. Cheers

  • hello can somebody help me ? i need to know a veterinary who is able to take a blood sample for a rabbies test, for my dog Hy Vong born in vietnam. i would like to take her back with me during my holidays. thanks 4 your help.

  • To John,
    I think that you should visit Food Court and book a table there. Its address is at 2nd & 3rd floor of shopping mall, 74 Bach Dang Street, Danang city. You will enjoy the romantic Han River View.
    Wish you have a nice dinner.
    Mr. Nien

  • Hello can anyone tell me how much interest does viet banks pay.We want to put a substantial amount in the bank for our neice who is not real good with finance.

  • Hello InDanang!

    I’ve done mounds and mounds of research about cities to live in Vietnam. Da Nang seems like the place for me, despite the long monsoon season. Hanoir and HCMC are fine cities, I’m sure, but I’m not a big fan of crowds.

    I’ve been working as an English teacher in Japan for four years, and am looking to take my trade to Vietnam after taking the Apollo CELTA course in November.

    Here’s my question. After taking my CELTA course, how easy would it be to move up to Da Nang and find a decent job that will pay my bills? I don’t have any debt, so they bills I will be paying will be the new ones I get in Vietnam. Thank you all so much in advance.

  • Hi all,
    I’m looking for pet supply places.
    Specifically kitty litter / absorbent cat toilet.
    Big C normally have it, but they’re out of stock, leaving me high & dry.

    Anywhere else in Da Nang I can buy this, and alternative pet food brands & pet products?

  • Hello, I have just come to Danang, to live with my family. I am working for anew resort in Son Tra, and obviously looking for a house!!
    For the moment I’m alone but my wife and 2 babies are coming in 2 weeks. Could you help me to find house?? Are the many foreigners in Danang?? This is my mail, and my telephone: +84 (0) 163 524 9463

    Thanks for your help, all the info you could give would be very welcome (district to live, …)

    Thanks very much and Regards,


  • hello….we are an australian couple seeking a f/time or p/time helper at our home not far from furama / beach… general house keeping required and a little bit of english would be helpful….prefer experienced person only.
    if anyone knows of someone looking for work, please contact us at: with thanks, gavin & tracey reid.

  • I need to stay at Bana Hill Resort, Danang. Please advise the accommodation. How to go there from Bangkok. Visa require ?

  • Hi,

    I am looking for romantic places to have dinner or go out and a wonderful view of the ocean or the city. Do you have any suggestion?

    Thank You,

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