Cham Museum


Cham Museum DanangThe Cham Museum is not on most people’s list of things to do in Danang mainly because most people don’t have such a list. Driving through Danang and getting to the airport or train station is the priority of most tourists visiting Danang. Up until recently I would have said that a visit to the Cham Museum wasn’t worth the effort, but up until recently I had never visited this place.

The museum sits right in the centre of town on some prime real estate across from the Han River where Tran Phu and Bach Dang Streets come together. Once the new road from the airport comes right through to this point and once the Dragon Bridge is complete this will be the new center of Danang. Despite this great location the Cham Museum seems to get few visitors almost entirely made of tour groups who have to stop here.

Most expats in Danang, myself included, never give much thought to this place and to be fair it is probably only worth an a hour of your time, but I think it would be an hour well spent. The museum seems much bigger from the inside than it looks on the outside but almost all of the displays are statues or half statues recovered from ancient Cham sites scattered across central Vietnam. There is very little information in English and what there is, is not very well written.

As I said, i is probably worth an hour of your time and it will cost 30,000 VND to enter the site. If you are travelling by motorbike, park across the street at the high school(although this will soon be demolished ot make way for the new Dragon Bridge road).

The Cham Museum Danang
01 2/9 Street (End of Tran Phu Street)
Admission: 30,000 VND



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