Big C Danang

Big C Danang

When I firsst came to Danang there was no Big C, the next best thing was Bai Tho Mart which is now closed down. Big C has given Danang a focal point, a city center, a meeting place for young people and best of all an English language cinema. When people refer to Big C Danang they are generally referring to the whole shopping complex not just the supermarket.

The shopping center which is officially known as Vinh Trung Plaza, also includes, Lotteria, Highlands Coffee, various cheap clothing, mobile phone and watch shops and one of 7 KFCs in Danang.

My biggest criticism of Vinh Trung Plaza is the design, when the place gets even a little crowded trying to move up and down the one escalator or to get into and out of the lone elevator is a long, shoulder to shoulder process. I am told most Korean Shopping Centers follow a similar design. I advise going shopping or seeing a movie on any evening except Friday, Saturday or Sunday when the crowds become unbearable.

Big C Supermarket will actually deliver for free if you live within 15kms and have a shopping bill in excess of 500,000 VND, this can be very handy instead of trying to balance everything on your bike and maneuvering through traffic. Be aware that they don’t deliver fresh food or food from the delicatessen because they need to be stored in particular conditions.

From the Big C Vietnam website:
Big C offers a complete one-stop-shopping for Vietnamese customers: over 50.000 items in each store, from fresh food to groceries, from clothing to home decor, as well as electronics such as household electrical appliances and audio-visual appliances, all at low price.

Everyday, our professional bakers produce 100% of the bread range that became a reference within Vietnam: more than 50% of our customers shop in our bakery!

Big C is a good neighbor, supporting local events, making donation to school, helping poor people. Big C employs 500 workers in average by store.

Big C Supercenter – Vinh Trung Plaza
255-257 Hung Vuong Street
Danang, Vietnam


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