Bai Rang – A Hidden Gem

Bai Rang

Son Tra DanangMost tourist don’t know about Bai Rang area, they most likely to know Bai Thut area, which is before Bai Rang on top of Son Tra Mountain. This place is amazing! I can’t stress enough on how beautiful and reserved it is. It’s quite a drive and is not recommended to take a motorcycle trip up there due to the steepness and curve of the treacherous mountain roads. A taxi trip would run you about 250,000 VND (roughly 13 USD) from the center of Da Nang City. Make sure to negotiate the flat rate with the taxi driver before getting in, or else they going to charge you by KM. Yes, you can ask for flat rate on trips, most drivers do it. If you plan to take your own car or motorcycle, they have a parking attendant at the top to watch over your vehicle for a small fee like most places do.

Inside Bai Rang, there is a restaurant. I visit it every time I’m there, heck even the manager knows me even though I only see them once a year!  The place is very private, people usually come as groups to have a little R&R. The restaurant itself is in the design of a hut. With banana leaves and dry out materials. The poles are made out of concrete and wood, so its quite exotic looking. The food they serve is quite cheap and tasteful. Their menu consist of many choices in seafood, but there is some chicken and beef for non-seafood people. I usually bring fruit with me to this location, since they don’t sell any. It’s a good thing to wash down all those delicious food with some fresh fruit in the end. They don’t have deserts, but they do have the usual beer such as Heineken, Tiger, etc. Pricing on those beer are about the same as normal place seafood restaurants in Da Nang.

Make sure to bring your swimming wear! This place is not tainted by the mass local people, the water is clear and very calm compare to the public part of the ocean/beach. It’s so clear that you can take a boat out to see what’s under the water. (see pictures) If you are lucky, you might find some fishermen who just came back from fishing out deep and buy their daily catches for a low price! You can even have the chef (ok not chef, but a cook) in the restaurants cook your product, make sure to tip them though! Also don’t forget about the sun tan lotion! The sands are extremely clean and very relaxing if you decide to make a sand castle or lay down to get a nice tan going. (Not that you need it in Da Nang’s extreme weather!) If you want to clean up after the swim, they have two clean water shower areas where you can get changed and freshen up.

The place is not owned by the manager from what I know, it is a family that helps run the place. They are extremely friendly and always on call if you need something. Food comes out quickly and it’s not always packed. Structural wise – its very open to the ocean breeze because there is no wall blocking the air flow. You can bring your own hammock or borrow one from them to a nice nap with the sound of ocean wave brushing in. There is no fees for entering the restaurant to enjoy this beautiful peace of gem. I would recommend bring some type of media to listen to, soft radio music or mp3 player would be ideal.

The only hard part is that you have to walk down COUNTLESS steps of stairs to reach the place..since your on top of the mountain roads, you need to get to the bottom somehow right? There’s an even harder part…that is going back up the stairs to your vehicle after a day of being lazy on the beach/ocean..I always dreaded going up.

The place is very scenic and good for taking pictures for memories. There is no motorcycle horn honking constantly, no children/adults trying to sell you gum. Its all about you and your company in a relaxing environment. It’s one of those spot where I would go every day if I could to get away from the city life. Maybe I’m a sucker for such environment, but hey can’t blame a guy who lived in the US concrete jungle we called Dallas for many years! The only thing that would make this ideal is some…palm trees…that’s right..some palm tree! (oh wait, they do have palm trees! that’s why its my favorite hidden gem) Other than that, there’s plenty of shade for you non-sun loving people. Go on, enjoy this place as I do, and please comment if you agree!

This is a guest post by Hieu Tran.
Hieu Tran is a GM @ Ramada Hotel & Suites: Website

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